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PeaceLab Yoga opened in 2012 as the first yoga studio in Grandville, MI.  The studio offers classes 7 days a week to students of all ability levels.  Classes fall into one of 3 categories: Lab classes, Flow classes, and ReNew classes.  Lab classes are teaching- based, Flow classes are vinyasa(movement)-based, and ReNew classes are gentle and restorative.

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Something just happened.......

#Last90Days update


So something I hadn’t anticipated just happened.

I was exchanging greetings in the after-school pick up line when my best friend offered me a Peppermint Joe Joe. 

You know the cookie, right?!  Just look up the word “decadent” in the dictionary to see a photo. Crushed candy cane bits placed perfectly on top of gorgeous dark chocolate = sooo good. These particular cookies only come around once a year, and I have been known to polish off a box or two every week leading up to New Year’s Eve. I pretend the rest of my household has a cookie problem, but we know who’s really doing the eating.

She offered me a Peppermint Joe Joe. I accepted.

Rather than devour it in the car, I saved the cookie to go with my next morning’s coffee. Made a plan for myself just to be a little mindful and fully savor the treat.

Fast forward to the next morning. I brewed my favorite Ethiopian pour over. (Misty Valley on V60 for you coffee lovers/nerds.) 

I took one bite. And it really was soooooo very delicious. More so than I remember from last year. The peppermint was fresh and bright in my mouth. I can still taste the chocolate when I think about it. Also, and here’s where it gets strange… I had no desire to eat any more than one bite. Which was good, I suppose. But strange. As a girl who loooooves cookies, this was so very odd. 

IMG_2255 8.JPG

I even snapped a picture and sent a note to my friend. 

I ended up offering the remaining portion to my daughter who was, of course, thrilled to enjoy it. This in turn, gave me joy. To share and experience the delight alongside someone else was such a sweet reward. This prompted me to ponder a bit of a transition I noticed in me.


Over time, my frequent overindulgence had actually resulted in diminished enjoyment of both simple and extravagant things. Being super intentional about my choices this past couple of months has provided increasedenjoyment of experiences I might otherwise take for granted. Foods, beverages, conversations and everyday occurrences that I continue to mark down in my gratitude journal. 


I notice that by practicing gratitude coupled with restraint in certain areas, I am able to give more freely to others. A cookie here, a slice of pie there, perhaps a word of encouragement or helping hand to provide for someone in need. In the season of gratitude and giving, I am finding abundant joy in contentment.

Unbreakable habit....or is it...?

How did January 2018 begin for you? I’ve got a hunch that much like me, you began with great intentionality, goal setting and a resolve to grow.

But somewhere along the way you felt a slide, a call from your old patterns and habits to just take the easy route of familiarity. So what would it look like if you ended 2018 by recapturing the drive you felt in those first weeks of the year?

I touched the play button on a favorite podcast recently and was challenged as I listened to author and speaker Rachel Hollis.

In January we often begin with resolutions and well-thought plans for the year ahead. But I definitely have a pattern of sliding into winter with a casual disregard for my better habits. And my best January intentions are often eclipsed by the pattern already in place from November and December. Frequently offering myself the easy out: “Well… I’ll just start fresh again after my birthday. After the holidays. After the end of the year.

Rachel Hollis and her husband Dave offered up a challenge: Finish the year stronger than it began. This is the Last 90 Days Challenge.

I’m both excited and crazy intimidated by this idea. If you know me well, you know I am a summer girl. A sun, sand and warm weather lover. I take it all in, as much as I can, and then soothe myself until spring. I wear flip flops until my frozen toes are screaming at me and I finally shut them up in wool-lined boots. This year I didn’t want to shift from Michigan summer into fall and then winter and just start bundling up and hunkering down. I didn’t want to give myself over to feeling down and moody, adopting a lack of discipline all season long. So I’m I accepting the challenge.

On September 17th I signed up at www.thechicsite/90Days and made a commitment to myself. I have explained it to my darling husband as well as a few of my closest friends who have chosen to take on the challenge with me. The official challenge began October 1st and continues through the end of December 2018, but you can join at any time.

The Last 90 Days challenge uses the 5 to Thrive model as a guide for daily practice.


I’ve been getting up an hour earlier and paying attention to the morning routine activities that nourish me. I’ve been making a point to exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. Some days it means I go to the gym or give my dog an extra walk.  Other days I squeeze in a power walk or a run before yoga. I keep my favorite water bottle full with me all the time and refill it frequently.

In an effort to eat clean and healthy I’ve chosen to give up something in my diet that really isn’t serving me well: sweet sugar-laden desserts, especially cookies! (I might have a slightly codependent relationship with cookies, brownies, processed chewy bars and any sort of chewy gooey melty sweet treat.) The idea here is that you give up one thing. Just ONE thing for 30 days straight during this season, to break a habit and establish a new, better one. And the likely reality is for most people, it will take closer to 90 days to accomplish a solid 30 day stretch with zero cookies.

Finally I have added to my journaling practice a simple gratitude list. Every day, I end by writing out ten things I’m grateful for. Specific to today. Little things. Snippets. Glimpses of joy & gratitude and love. This is one of the hardest things to do, especially at the end of the day when I’m tired. I’m already noticing the effect though, especially when I make a point to notice things throughout the day and jot them down on my phone or in my notebook, and then review them in the evening and complete the list. Looking back over nearly two weeks worth already is so sweet.

My 90 days is only a couple of weeks old, but I’m already feeling the impact of renewed intentionality.

Are you up for it? Join me, and then feel free to let me know how it’s going by posting below!

Thanks for reading my very first blog post!


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