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PeaceLab Yoga opened in 2012 as the first yoga studio in Grandville, MI.  The studio offers classes 7 days a week to students of all ability levels.  Classes fall into one of 3 categories: Lab classes, Flow classes, and ReNew classes.  Lab classes are teaching- based, Flow classes are vinyasa(movement)-based, and ReNew classes are gentle and restorative.

Something just happened.......

#Last90Days update


So something I hadn’t anticipated just happened.

I was exchanging greetings in the after-school pick up line when my best friend offered me a Peppermint Joe Joe. 

You know the cookie, right?!  Just look up the word “decadent” in the dictionary to see a photo. Crushed candy cane bits placed perfectly on top of gorgeous dark chocolate = sooo good. These particular cookies only come around once a year, and I have been known to polish off a box or two every week leading up to New Year’s Eve. I pretend the rest of my household has a cookie problem, but we know who’s really doing the eating.

She offered me a Peppermint Joe Joe. I accepted.

Rather than devour it in the car, I saved the cookie to go with my next morning’s coffee. Made a plan for myself just to be a little mindful and fully savor the treat.

Fast forward to the next morning. I brewed my favorite Ethiopian pour over. (Misty Valley on V60 for you coffee lovers/nerds.) 

I took one bite. And it really was soooooo very delicious. More so than I remember from last year. The peppermint was fresh and bright in my mouth. I can still taste the chocolate when I think about it. Also, and here’s where it gets strange… I had no desire to eat any more than one bite. Which was good, I suppose. But strange. As a girl who loooooves cookies, this was so very odd. 

IMG_2255 8.JPG

I even snapped a picture and sent a note to my friend. 

I ended up offering the remaining portion to my daughter who was, of course, thrilled to enjoy it. This in turn, gave me joy. To share and experience the delight alongside someone else was such a sweet reward. This prompted me to ponder a bit of a transition I noticed in me.


Over time, my frequent overindulgence had actually resulted in diminished enjoyment of both simple and extravagant things. Being super intentional about my choices this past couple of months has provided increasedenjoyment of experiences I might otherwise take for granted. Foods, beverages, conversations and everyday occurrences that I continue to mark down in my gratitude journal. 


I notice that by practicing gratitude coupled with restraint in certain areas, I am able to give more freely to others. A cookie here, a slice of pie there, perhaps a word of encouragement or helping hand to provide for someone in need. In the season of gratitude and giving, I am finding abundant joy in contentment.